Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Where are you Going?

Today was a day to try to catch up on things. My 4 year old had preschool and my 6 year old watched a lot of TV while I made phone calls, read emails, did laundry, washed dishes, did more laundry etc. I was also able to get the kids in swimming lessons again. The current session started on Monday so they missed the first 2 classes. I called last night and there were openings for both kids. The school prorated the fees and the kids started class today.
Let me rewind for a minute and give some more details about my trip. I don't remember much about the flight from Seattle to Detroit except that my kids didn't sleep at all. I think I blocked out the rest. I do remember leaving my sister's place in Detroit and getting the flight to Dulles airport in northern Virginia to visit my parents. The kids slept almost the entire time. We were stopped at the security checkpoint in Detroit. I handed over my Washington state driver's license and the 3 boarding passes. The security checker looked at everything and then asked my son how old he was. My son told the man that he is 4. The man asked my son where he was going. My son replied, "To Japan." The security checker was not amused. I had to explain that his other grandparents live in Japan. So I asked my son where the other grandparents live and he said, "Virginia." Our tickets said that we were going to Washington D.C. but I guess Virginia is a lot closer to D.C. than Japan is, so he let us through security.

I'm still a little jet lagged and I still have a lot of things to catch up on around the house. Hopefully tomorrow I'll have some pictures to share!

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Michelle said...

Oooo parents traveling far with small children -- alone, no less? Very brave. And what's up with the security dude with a stick shoved...? I love swim lessons!