Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The moral of the story is...

I wanted to get my son excited about playing T-ball. I reserved a book at the library called, "The Big Tee Ball Game." I read it to him this week. It's about a T-ball team that is playing an undefeated T-ball opponent in the "The Big Game." One child wants to win so badly that she puts some gum on the tee so that when the other team hits the ball, the ball doesn't move off the tee. In the end, she confesses and the other team still wins. But everyone is happy that she told the truth and winning is not the most important thing. So after finishing the book, I asked my son what he learned from this book. His answer was that she have used glue instead of gum. Another proud parent moment :S


Elizabeth said...

Hi, I came here via Dawn...she got me blogging too. For a while I entered Blogger by going onto someone elses blog and then I realized that I could put MY OWN blog address into the search and go right to it. Then I "sign in", check all my "blog-rolled" friends, and then decide if I'm going to post or just leave other bloggers comments.
Feel free to stop by "my place"
if you like: www.markofhumility.blogspot.com !
Good luck on the swing set. We bought/built one last year and the kids spend ALL thier free time on/in it. Great that you'll get those steps out of the deal too!
We too have the alien landing pad...but ours is from our own "simple-set" pool that we've used for the last two years and put away over the winter.
Our landing pad is actually lighter green than the rest of the grass. Silly but fun.
Blessings & Peace, EJT

Jill said...

Well, glue probably WOULD have worked better.
Smart kid! ;0)

Michelle said...

I'm another Dawn convert. It did take me months and months to finally do it -- but I'm glad to see someone else blogging, too!

Anyway... that's a good moment. It means you have a smart and problem solving child. Empathy comes later. You'll have to keep us updated on how the t-ball goes. Mister Man is 4 and I'm debating whether to sign him up or maybe try soccer this summer.

Barb said...

you are doing fine