Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spring Break Lingo

My kid were off from school this past week for spring break. Spring, however, never got the memo and failed to show up. We made the best of things indoors most of the time and had some great conversations. My 7 year old asked me, "Mom, if you're dad is in the army, does that make you a veterinarian?" I didn't mean to laugh. I just didn't know where to begin. While my 7 year old and 9 year old were playing a game on their Nintendo DSi's, I heard one say, "I just caught this Pokemon who looks like Lady Gaga!" Another proud parent moment for me. My 9 year old had a friend over and they were discussing the subject of jumping on a trampoline at another friend's house. My son's friend said, "My mom can't jump on trampolines. She pees herself a little when she does." Poor lady! and TMI! Spring break is officially over. Tomorrow they can have more great conversations at school.