Monday, May 5, 2008

Cannon Ball!

This title has to be read with the enthusiasm of a 12 year running down the diving board and then jumping with his knees held tightly to his chest! Then imagine my kids doing the same thing off the edge of the hot tub while my husband and I duck for cover.

This weekend we went in the hot tub one night after dinner. I don't talk about the hot tub much because we don’t' use it much. It came with the house. I thought I would love it. I thought I would use it every day. Then I realized that I either have to go in really late after the kids go to bed and hope neither wakes up while I'm in the hot tub, or I have to take the kids in the hot tub with me. I think I've stayed up really late only twice in the 2 years we've lived here. The rest of the time the kids go in too. This only happens about once every 6 weeks because that's how long it takes to forget how much fun it is to go in the hot with 2 little kids.

Did you ever consider wearing goggles while "relaxing" in the hot tub? My kids have learned how to do cannon balls into the hot tub. It's very relaxing when you're constantly wiping water out of our eyes and trying to use your hand to protect your face from the cannon balls. And the kids like to play with the jets. So they go on and off while you're trying to use them. That's a lot of fun! Our hot tub also has a flat jet on the sides that shoots water out in a straight line like a small waterfall. The strength of the waterfall is adjustable. So the kids can try to crank it up so the 2 waterfalls will touch in the middle of the hot tub.

Eventually, they stop doing cannon balls, and stop playing with the controls. Now they are bored. There aren't many games to play while "relaxing" in the hot tub. So the kids start pretending to be different kinds of water animals. They like to be an octopus or a crab. Their favorite is being a clam because clams live in the sand and spit water up at people on the beach. I didn't realize this at first. I thought having the kids pretend to be a clam would mean they might sit still and be quiet for a few minutes. Instead they started spitting... Yes, the hot tub is very relaxing, so relaxing that one night was enough to last me for at least 6 weeks!

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Jill said...

Most people that I know who have hot tubs rarely use them.
My brother had this trick he would do whenever he was in a hot tub. He would go under the water, and breathe from the jets. He could stay underwater for the longest time!
Yes, he is a bit strange.

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