Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Go Mariners!

Tonight we went to the Mariners Game. They beat the Red Sox, so it was a good game. Well, a good game if you're a Mariners fan. (Technically I'm a Yankees fan, but I'm slowing converting to a Mariners fan.)

The people sitting in front of us were Red Sox fans :( Actually, there were quite a few Red Sox fans at the game. There was even a few times when it seemed like the crowd was singing "let's go Red Sox!" I was surprised because I've never heard a crowd cheering so loudly for the away team before... even at a Yankees and Mets game!

My kids had a great time. I got lots of comments from people around us saying how cute they are and how well behaved they were. At one point, the 6 year old shouted, "I hope Ichiro scores a point!" The girl behind us started laughing and making fun of him. But when she saw him so sad, she apologized, smiled and said, "I hope he scores a point too!" It was cute and made him feel better. It's a good thing we didn't make fun of her earlier. When a player named "Cairo" was up, she said, "Oh Look! His name is Cairo, just like the country!"

Somewhere around the 7th inning the kids were sitting under the seats. They were reading books in their tent. They weren't bothering anyone and I didn't think much about it. Then my 4 year old spilled his drink and the floor was wet. So I made the kids sit back in the seats. The drink made the floor in front of him wet, but that was the only thing that was wet. I didn't think much about it.

About an hour later, the game was over, the Mariners won and we picked up our stuff and left. As we were walking out, the girl sitting in front of us said that her bag was wet from the drink my son spilled. I guess after an hour, it dripped down to the floor of the seats in front of us. I felt a little bad, but because of the way she was yelling at me, I just smiled and kept walking. Then she shouted, "watch your d@mn kids!" Ok, this made me a little angry. I gave her a dirty look but didn't say anything. Then my husband comes over and says loud enough for her to hear, "She's just mad because she's a Red Sox fan." Next thing I know, her father comes over and starts yelling at me. I can't remember everything he said, but something about how I need to watch my kids and what I did to his daughter was "inexcusable." Umm... She approached me and started yelling and I didn't say anything! So I said that if she's your daughter, "it seems like you need to watch your kid." He threatened to call security, which I thought was a good idea. My husband didn't like this guy yelling at me and he started calling for security. Security never came and the father and daughter left.

So the Mariner's won, my kids had a great time, my in-laws had a great time and my husband and I almost got attacked by some Red Sox fans. Here's a picture of my kids cheering for Ichiro! How can anyone be mad those cute faces????


Michelle said...

It sounds like you're having fun with your in-laws, and I'm glad "your" team won.

I will never understand people getting so upset about little kids and things that happen. If things are so important, put them somewhere they won't get damaged -- I know not to put my purse on the ground at a ball game. If not, knock it off. Glad you stood up for yourselves.

If it makes you feel any better though, that's nothing! Don't come to a sports game in Chicago. My husband has been kicked repeatedly by random people for being a St Louis fan...

Elizabeth said...

Our local newspaper columnist took his two boys and their male cousin to a MINOR LEAGUE game last year and caught all sorts of crap from the "J Crew" type A family in front of him for not controlling those wild children! How dare they stand up and cheer and chatter when their favorite player is up to bat! They should be sitting still in their seats and cheering QUIETLY! UGH.
Why can't adults act like adults and let kids ba kids?
Blessings and peace, EJT

girlytwins said...

I will never understand some people. I glad you guys still managed to have a good time...and that your team won! Hopefully your kids innocence was still preserved thru it all.