Thursday, May 8, 2008

Don't Believe Everything You See In the News

Lately there have been several news stories about saving money. With the cost of gas and groceries rising, the housing market going down, saving money is becoming important to a lot of people. I'm a couponer. I don't just use coupons when I do my weekly grocery shopping. Couponing is a hobby for me. I enjoy reading the sales and matching up the coupons with the sale items, rebates and catalina promotions. I go to at least once a day. I do have times when I give up and I don't coupon for a while. I know lots of people think I'm crazy when I buy 40 packages of cat food treats when I don't even have a cat!

When I read the recent news stories about how to save money, they say to buy in bulk and buy generic. Generic? Really??? They suggest washing and re-using plastic sandiwch bags. I have to smile as I sit here wondering how I'm going to fit all 12 bags of Ghiradelli chocolates into my cabinet. I also have to find a hiding place for 6 packages of Nabisco cookies I got this week and don't forget the Pepperidge Farm Milanos! I got the plastic bags free (with slight overage) last week so no need to ration them in my house. My cabinets are overflowing as a result of my coupon hobby and none of it is generic! I'm not against buying generic, but there aren't many coupons or rebates or catalinas for generic items.

Today I went to Safeway and I got 12 Hallmark cards, 2 12-packs of Dasani water, 2 12-packs of coke, broccoli, 4 bags of Ghiradelli chocolates, 4 packages of Silk soymilk and 2 Power bars. My total after coupons was $5.50 and I got $5 off my next order. Afterwards I noticed that I was overcharged on my broccoli! It rang up $3.99/lb instead of $0.99/lb! Since I only bought enough for tonight's dinner, the difference is only $1.48. I will also send in my receipt and the UPC's from the Ghiradellis so that I can get a free movie ticket (up to $12). That was a good shopping trip.

I know my family cannot eat just those items. I went to Albertsons today and used my raincheck for ground beef and my $10 off your next order coupon and I got 10 pounds of beef, 1 steak and 2 ham steaks. I paid $6.68 there. I got free Nabisco and Pepperidge Farm cookies at Walgreens too. No, I didn't spend hours driving all over the place. These stores are less than a half mile apart! I don't wait to buy things when my family needs them, I buy them when the sale is right.

Couponing is really a hobby for me. Not everyone has the time for this and not everyone enjoys it. I enjoy finding the deals and making them work. I like having lots of items in my cupboards to choose from and not have to "save" money by buying generic. I never shop at Costco! I have no idea where all these news people come up with their "money saving" information, but if you ask me, they should find a new source!

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Darla said...

WOW!!! I am so impressed! Guess who is going to go right NOW to that coupon site you mentioned! :)