Thursday, May 1, 2008

Happy May Day!

Happy First day of May aka May Day! Today my kindergartner made a paper flower wreath at school. He was so proud of it. We hung it on the door at home. He went outside to play and picked a flower for me because it is May Day. He picked the only tulip in the yard that had bloomed. How sweet! I know he meant well, but shouldn't someone have known better than to teach kindergartners about giving flowers for any reason?! Well, at least May Day still makes a good enough reason to celebrate. So I baked brownies today. And I don't mean with the help of Betty Crocker. I made these from scratch! I even had to go to the store and buy cocoa powder for these! I didn't have the right size pan and I forgot to flour the pan before pouring the batter in, but you can't really go wrong when you mix chocolate, sugar, butter and eggs and then put chocolate icing on top. They are delicious! A few are still left on the counter, so feel free to help yourself ;)

This morning I volunteered at my son's school. I have no idea why anyone would want to become a kindergarten teacher. 19 kids age 5-6 all day long?! That is crazy! I can barely handle my own two kids. His teacher is wonderful. I get to sit in the back for a few hours and cut things out, fill up folders and count papers. When I came home, I did some chores and painted my toenails. I am ready for sandal season to begin. The calendar may say its May, but it still feels like March around here :(

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Barb said...

My daughter is a teacher. She only wants to teach Kindergarten. Of course she will teach the other grades too, but finds the 5 yr olds the best.