Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Not a good morning

Today is Wednesday. It's supposed to be the best day of the week, the day when both kids go to school, hub goes to work and I don't have anything scheduled until I pick up the youngest at 2:30. But not today. Today I had a dentist appointment bright and early at 8:30! But to make it worse, my 6 year old was up before 5am! I heard him get up and opened my eyes enough to see that it was still dark outside. I glanced at the clock and when it registered that the first number was a "4" I closed my eyes and waited for him to come in my room. But he never did! I fell back asleep. But it didn't last long. Sometime around 6am, I heard my younger son crying and he came to wake me up. I opened my eyes and saw that it was light outside now, and that is was only 6am. I heard him tell me something and then I fell back to sleep. Then a little before 7am, the kids fighting woke me up again. And it woke up my husband too. He went downstairs first and started yelling at the kids. The little one threw a tantrum and suddenly that 8:30am dentist appointment was sounding really good!

I got myself ready to go, made everyone's lunches and left. I had bus stop duty before I could leave for the dentist appointment. Now, I was just at the dentist 2 weeks ago. If you missed that story, check it out. Apparently when they do a root canal, they have to do something else in 2 weeks and then I also get to go back in another 2 weeks. The appointment itself wasn't too bad if you like sitting in a chair with your mouth open for a few hours. At least there was nitrous oxide and the Today show on TV. That's the only time I actually get to watch TV that doesn't involve cartoons or puppets!

Afterwards I came home to find that my husband had left his lunch on the counter. That reminded me what a fun morning it was. I still had some time before I had to get my son at preschool, so I cleaned up the kitchen and decided to mow the lawn. Usually mowing the lawn isn't very exciting. Today I found a snake in one corner of the lawn close to ivy that goes down a steep slope. It was small and dark brown. I thought the lawn mower would scare it away. At first it went back in the ivy. Then I backed up and it came back towards me! So I moved it forward again and the snake stayed there. I didn't want to run it over, but I don’t like snakes and I wasn't going to stand there all day and wait for it to move. I inched forward and finally it went back in the ivy and I walked away looking over my shoulder. Yuck!

Then when I got to the other side of the house, the lawnmower just stopped. I tried to restart it, but the cord wouldn't move at all. So something had to be stuck. I turned over the lawn mower and cleaned out some grass. There was a lot there :S it was soooo much fun. My nails are still a sexy green now. When I flipped it back upright and started it again, a huge cloud of smoke came out of the lawnmower. I thought it would stop eventually, but I was wrong. I turned it off and waited… the next time I started it again, a loud backfire popping noise came out followed by more smoke :S finally the third time there was no more smoke and I could finish the lawn. I was starting to wonder if my neighbor was watching and if she would call those cute fireman to come by again! ;)

So I've decided to get a cow. This way I won't have to buy milk anymore and the cow can eat the grass so I don't have to mow anymore. :) The idea of getting a cow is sounding better every day!

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Barb said...

Hi... root canals suck.. make sure you get it capped in gold or else it will fall apart and then the tooth will have to be removed anyway. I have 2 gaping holes in my mouth were root canals used to be.

Goats don't poo quite as much as cows plus you can get great goat milk and make it into soap.(or make goat-milk smoothies) Yes I know, that is zackly what you wanted to do with all your free time not spent mowing the lawn.

hugs - Barb^