Saturday, April 19, 2008

93 boxes

Can you guess what I have 93 boxes right now in my house??? I hate to admit but I have an addiction... I have 93 boxes of cereal. And no, I'm not addicted to cereal. My family and I eat about 2 boxes a month. I'm addicted to coupons. I got all of these boxes for free, or even a slight profit of a few cents for each box. But now it is a problem. I had planned to give it to my son's school spring food drive. Can you believe they cancelled it?! The lady in charge decided they can get for more their money by buying things in bulk, so they would rather have money than boxes of cereal. I didn't tell her that I actually have more boxes than I have dollars right now. So I need to get rid of some of these, but another problem is that they seem to multiply. I donated 7 boxes just a few weeks ago. Then we opened one box so the kids could make "candy" necklaces using Apple Jacks. Then today there was another sale and the cereal was included.... I ended up with 10 more boxes of cereal, 10 boxes of cereal bars and $20 in various produce for $49 and I'm sending in for $50 in rebates for buying the cereal and cereal bars (no peeking at the happy dance!). That means 8 points for me and 10 points for the cereal... The cereal may be winning for now, but it's not over yet! Now people say, "don't worry, I'd be happy to take some of that cereal from you." But they never do. They think I'm joking when I tell them about my "problem." I may try to sell some on Craigslist again. Surely someone out there needs 93 boxes of cereal!
I'm not a big ice hockey fan and I don't even know who the Av's are playing, but please someone stop those Av's!

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