Wednesday, April 23, 2008

It's Wednesday

Most of my friends know what Wednesday means to me. This is the one day of the week where both my kids have school (at least till 2:30) and I'm not scheduled to do anything. They both have school on Thursday too, but then I volunteer in the kindergarten classroom. Maybe one day I'll tell the story about the great class auction project. Ahh... the memories... is that sarcasm you hear???

So today after sending both kids to school I procrastinated around the house for a while and then went to the mall. I wanted to buy a memory card for mother's day (Shhhh, no one tell my mom, OK?). I know that may sound like an odd gift for a computer illiterate grandmother, "Hey mom, I know you still can't figure out how to check email, open a file, you've never heard of Google and you think solitaire is a computer skill, so I got this memory card for you to collect some dust on the bookshelf." Actually, I got my mom one of those digital picture frames for Christmas. I went through all of the pictures that I took in 2007 and selected about 40, since that's all that would fit, to put on the digital photo frame's internal memory. All she had to do was take it out of the box and turn it on and pictures of her grandchildren would display on the screen for her to enjoy.

I called her on Christmas to see how she liked it. She wasn't as excited as I had anticipated. She was upset because it only had 3 pictures on it. Turns out my father couldn't just turn it on for her (and yes I'm saying that she couldn't turn it on herself). Instead he had to start pressing buttons and then trying different button combos... you know what I mean, like hitting control, alt, and delete all at the same time! So by the time my mom got to see the frame, there were only 3 pictures left. Good thing it doesn't take toooooo long to go through a year's worth of pictures (where is that eye rolling icon when I need it???).

I thought she might enjoy having another chance. If I can put some pictures on a memory card, all she has to do is insert it into the frame and turn it on. Hopefully she can do this when my father isn't around to avoid any temptation of pressing any unneeded buttons again. So my husband told me exactly what memory card to buy at exactly which store. I went there first and bought it. The next store that I went in, the security anti theft alarm starts buzzing. But I'm walking into the store, not out! So I get what I wanted (a sleep mask that I had a coupon for making it free) and then leave. The buzzer goes off again and this time the store employee needs to come over and check my bag. I explain that I think its the memory card. She takes the memory card and goes to the entrance and the alarm goes off. I take my bag and go through the entrance without the memory card and the alarm does not go off. So I have to return to the camera store to have the sensor deactivated. That doesn't sound like too much to ask, does it?

The employee at the camera store looks puzzled when I ask him to deactivate the security sensor. They don't have that kind of system there. It must have been put in by the manufacturer. I'm guessing this thing was made in China. Since I don't have enough time for a stop in China before I have to pick up the kids, I'm going to need to find someone closer that can deactivate this thing. The store employee said there was nothing he could do about it. I would have to continue to set off security alarms for the rest of my mall shopping trip. I didn't think this was a fun way to spend my time, so I returned the memory card. Now I still don't have a mother's day present. For the remainder of my trip to the mall, I held my breath and closed my eyes every time I walked into or out of a store. I was so afraid that alarm was going to go off again!

The other nice thing about Wednesday is that I have my dance class on Wednesday nights. This is the one night a week that I expect my husband to be home before 7:00 so that I can go out. My teacher had been sick for a while and 3 weeks in a row were cancelled. She had a class last week, but she was still a little weak. Today she was back to her old self. So that means it was a great workout and I'm going to be sore tomorrow!

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