Sunday, April 20, 2008

33 down!

I'm sure you will all sleep better tonight knowing that I no longer have 93 boxes of cereal. I posted them on craigslist and one family is interested in taking 33 boxes. I guess technically I do still have 93, but 33 will be leaving this month. I'm kinda sad to see them go... Yeah, hub doesn't think its sad either. It's one of those things only a couponer would understand. Anyway, guess what that means... It's time to go shopping and cereal is still free with the rebate till Tuesday! Hub says he's going to get one of those house arrest anklets to stop me from buying more.

In other news, we got more hail today. Here's a pic from Friday (this is my first time posting a pic with blogger, so keep your fingers crossed that this works ;) )

Ok, so now that I figured out the buttons to push to get pics on here, let me share one pic hub took of my cereal collection. Some people collect teapots or dolls, I happen to collect cereal :P The kids had a lot of fun sorting it. This pic isn't all 93 boxes, this is what I posted on craigslist earlier. The kids had a lot of fun going through the cereal and picking out their favorites to keep.

Ok, enough about my cereal addiction collection. We didn't do much today because the weather didn't cooperate. It was cold and rainy and then the sun peeked out. So get ready to go out and the hail comes down again. What a tease! I did win one game of "Go Fish" today and lost many more. Hopefully spring will come soon and I can get back to work on my garden and then entertain you with lots of garden pics :)

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