Friday, April 18, 2008

It's snowing

I had to do a double take out the window and at the calendar. Yup, It's April 18th and it's snowing! It's a very heavy snow right now. For those of you that don't already know, I live just a few miles east of Seattle. I moved here 2 years ago from north jersey. In New Jersey, it snows every year and we shovel it or plow it and move on. In New Jersey, it's still very exciting when we get the first snow of the season and also very exciting when we get more than a foot of snow, but other than that, the snow isn't a big deal.

When I moved to the Seattle area, I was told that it never snows here. Then a few people admitted that it snows about once every 2 years. I'm not sure whether Seattlites are in denial or just plain liars, but it has snowed multiple times both years and I just found out today that it still snows here in April! The worst part about the snow here is that since everyone is in denial, they are unprepared. The roads don't get plowed, no one owns a snow shovel and there is no rock salt at the local grocery stores. They just wait for it to melt. Luckily it is April (I know because I just checked the calendar a few times) so it should melt soon. I was hoping to go to the tulip festival this weekend, but I don't think tulips like the snow very much, maybe we should go sledding instead. My 4 year old is asking if it's almost Christmas...

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