Sunday, May 18, 2008

A Miracle Recovery

In case you are wondering, we finally did make it to the zoo on Friday. Here is a pic of my son at the lion's cage. The lion is sleeping right in front of the window. You know what they say, "Let sleeping lions lie!"

Yesterday my older son had a T-ball game. As I mentioned before T-ball is very fair sport. This time my son and another child on his team were racing for a ball that was hit into the outfield. The other child got the ball and my son got a bloody elbow. Luckily it was the last inning of the game. He was crying and saying how he needed to go home right away and put ice on it. He needed a bandaid and an ambulance etc... Kids can be so dramatic!

It was bleeding. I cleaned it off and we got a bandaid, but he still wanted the ice, and he insisted it was broken. So I said that we were going home and he could put some ice on it. As soon I pulled into the driveway, my son announced that his elbow was now heeled. He was in a hurry to go play with the boy next door. It's funny how easily kids can get "hurt" and just how easily they are "healed."


Elizabeth said...

Everytime one of my children gets medicine for ANYTHING...Snorkie Boy (3 years old) comes over and tells me that his "be-yi urts" (translation: belly hurts)...he wants medicine.
We try to avoid it, if we can.
Of course he heals very quickly and has no more belly ache if a snack comes along!
Blessings, EJT

Michelle said...

I'm right there with you having the kids who want every boo boo fixed with ice. Typically I make them rub it or I'll kiss it sometimes. Distraction definitely works the best, and apparently not just for my wee ones!

Glad he enjoyed the zoo. We're going on Friday with Mister Man's preschool... wish us luck!