Wednesday, May 21, 2008

It Finally Came Down!

I have good news. I know you have all been up at night wondering when it will finally come down and last night it did. It came down and I threw it in the trash. I'm very relieved that it came down before my in-laws arrive in 3 days. I might be a little embarrassed to still have Easter decorations up. Yes, I'm talking about the Easter balloon that my kids removed the string from and then sent it up to the skylight on top of the staircase. It's the end of May (I know I just heard a few people say, "wait! It's only the middle of May!" But check your calendar, May 21st counts as the end of the May!) So you can all sleep better tonight knowing that the balloon is finally down. It could be worse. My neighbor said her son had (notice the past tense there) a nerf gun that shoots suction cup darts. One dart stuck to her skylight and it never came down. Wouldn't it be fun to get her son a new nerf suction cup dart gun for his birthday? ;) You think that might be a little funny? mean? cruel? Guess what my son got for his birthday last month... A nerf suction cup dart gun. He's not allowed to play with it inside the house. I prefer suction cup darts to be stuck in the gutter thankyouverymuch.

On another note, this weekend my kids opened a new box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Did you know that Cinnamon Toast Crunch has put speed racer cars inside specially marked boxes? No? My kids saw the box and since it shows 4 different cars, they weren't satisfied with finding one car. There must be 3 more cars in the box!

I came downstairs to find the kitchen table covered in sugar. My 6 year old was quick to tell me that his brother got the only car that was in the cereal box. He was sure the second, third and fourth cars were still in the box, because that's what the picture showed. He wanted me to search for it. The sugar covered table gave me a hint that he had already searched. My husband sat down and poured himself a bowl of cereal.

I questioned my son: "Did you already get the car out of the cereal box?"

My son: "Yes, but only one and the box says there are 4 in the box."

Me: "No, the box says there is one of these 4 cars inside."

Son: "ohhhhh."

Me: "Did you dump out all of the cereal to find the car?"

Son: "yeahhhhh."

Me: "Then did you put it all back in the box?"

Son: "Yeahhhhh."

At this point my husband looks up and says, "is that what I'm eating?!" Cereal that's been dumped on the table and searched, the breakfast of champions!


Cecily R said...

The Easter balloon would have stayed in our skylight until we moved. I am just THAT kind of housekeeper. :)

Those darn cereal boxes can be really decieveing (I know I probably spelled that wrong by the spelling is BAD). The ones that have neato toys on the front and tiny writing about having to send in 358 box tops and $5.95 to get it fool my kids everytime. :)

Michelle said...

If it makes you feel any better, I still have an Easter vase and bunny in a car statue (don't ask) on the table in my foyer. And Christmas cards in a pile on the same table. Hmmm.

And ummm I may have put the cereal back, too, when I was a kid (or mayyybe now had my wee ones done that). Clean table, you're all family, right?

Darla said...

Oh that sounds just sooo like it could have happened at my house! :)