Friday, May 16, 2008

Counting Down

The countdown has begun. Only 8 days left till my in-laws arrive. They live in Japan, so they don't visit too often. The last time we saw them was 2 years ago. So that means that I only have 7 days left to procrastinate! I have lots of cleaning and organizing that needs to be done and their visit is the perfect excuse.

I was supposed to take my son to the zoo this morning with a friend of mine, but her daughter got sick overnight. I found out when I called this morning to see if she was ready to go. So I could be using this time to fold the laundry, do the dishes and clean the floor. Yesterday my kids were playing with their remote control cars in the dirt. Then they decided to clean them in the garage. Do you know what happens when you mix dirt and water... Yup, mud ends up on my floor! It's by the garage door and since I didn't go out the garage door after dinner, I didn't notice till this morning. The kids don't see anything wrong with leaving mud on the floor. But they were quick to point out that I had missed one piece of grass when I mowed the lawn. They pointed at it and started yelling and repeating, "Oopsie! You missed one, mom!" That didn't make me want to put my kids in a box and send to some far away place... instead I went inside and a rum and coke for dinner. It had just been that kind of day week.


Elizabeth said...

Absolutely...wait six more days.
THEN drive everyone in the house CRAZY trying to get it all done in one day...been there...done that.
I do this All. the. time. ugh.
In fact right now, I SHOULD be dusting upstairs and cleaning the bathroom...oh well.
Loved the Earthquake drill.
I would have been with your friend...twirling around the room on my chair! YEE HAH!
Blessings, EJT

Michelle said...

You go rum and coke, I go straight for the wine. Less work to put it together ;)

Good luck with the in-laws. Here's hoping they're more worried about having a great time with you than the white glove test. So how much *did* you get done during your unexpected "free" time?

Barb said...

Mud, rum, drill, SIL, and dishes.. all sounds like you have fun.