Monday, July 28, 2008

Did you ever have one of those days?

Actually I mean, did your kids ever have of those days? Ya know, one of those days where they act so different than normal? One of those days when you start wonder if this is still the same kid? One of those days when you are ready to find a good military boarding school?

Today has been one of those days for me or actually for my 4 year old. I checked, and there is no full moon tonight, but something has definitely gotten into my 4 year old. It started with his dentist appointment this morning. Usually he loves going to the dentist. He loves showing off his teeth. He loves the big chair. He loves the sunglasses. He loves the prizes. Today he wouldn't sit in the chair. He refused to wear the paper bib (and then later complained because his shirt got wet). He didn't want to open his mouth. He started crying and carrying on. After about 30 minutes and lots of persuasion, he finally got his teeth cleaned. I didn't even attempt the fluoride treatment.

After the dentist, I had to stop by Rite aid right next door. Again my 4 year old acted up. I grabbed him by both arms and got face to him and told him, in my sternest voice, to behave. (Apparently I wasn't very intimidating because his attitude didn't change much.) I looked up and noticed that a woman walking on the sidewalk had turned around to look at us. I was already fed up from the dentist office so I had no patience left for her. I looked at her and said, "what?" Luckily she took the hint and decided to mind her own business and walked away. I'm not really what I would have done if she had responded. I'm not much for confrontation. But really, give us moms a break! It's hard enough taking care of the kids besides having to worry about everyone else on the sidewalk!

When we got home, the 4 year old had a time out and then a discussion about how to behave at the dentist. He apologized and agreed not to do it again. In this case maybe I should have been more general. I'm afraid when I said that is not how to behave at the dentist he may not have understood my point because today at swimming lessons was 100 times worse.

We arrived about 5 minutes before class started. Both kids were hanging around the pool. Then it was time to get in the pool. I told my 4 year old to take off his sandals. He took them off and then said he was "itchy" and couldn't go in the pool. I looked and there was nothing wrong. He still refused to go in the pool. I was mad! I took him to the locker room for a time out and a lecture. He still refused and started crying and a full blown temper tantrum took place. I told him if he didn't want to go int he pool he would have to stand in the corner until his brother was done with his swimming class. So he stood there and cried and kicked and screamed and came over to where i was sitting every 5 minutes. I had to carry him back to the corner and he even scratched my neck and face. It was the worst 30 minutes of my entire life. I cried all the way home.

This is not my son. My son is a good swimmer. He loves the pool. He loves swimming lessons. He was the best swimmer in his class for the last session and one of the top for this session. He loves the dentist office. He doesn't throw tantrums. Whoever has taken my real son and put this impostor in his place, please, PLEASE return him immediately. I'm begging you!


Michelle said...

Ooo, I hate those days. Usually for the wee ones, they have those days when they're overtired. Any chance he's jetlagged still from vacation? Or maybe the aliens borrowed your real son and will return him tonight!

girlytwins said...

Ohhh... so sorry. I hate those days. We had one today. It was a rough one. I am really hoping tomorrow will spawn my old radiant happy go lucky child. Here's hoping yours will too.