Thursday, July 3, 2008

Last Day of Swimming Lessons

There's my baby (only 4) getting ready to jump off the diving board into 12 feet of water. Yikes!

And there's my baby with his teacher and a big smile after he jumped off!

The above picture is my older son (age 6) kicking across the pool. His class didn't get to jump off the diving board. I think the teacher was afraid the older kids would be too big for him to catch! My son was disappointed. I was relieved!

Today was the last day of class for this session. I'd like to sign them up again for the next one. It starts on Monday and goes for 2 weeks. Since we are leaving for Detroit and DC on the 14th, we would miss half of the session. They said to check on Monday. If there are any openings once the lessons have started they'll prorate for one week. So Please! No one sign up!

Yes, We're going to visit my sister, her husband and my nephew in Detroit, well just outside of Detroit actually. I have never been to Detroit. I hear Detroit in the summer is lovely as long as you bring your own AC everywhere.

Then we're going to visit my parents. They live in Virginia, in the DC suburbs, another balmy summer destination. I'm looking forward to taking the kids to the National Aquarium in Baltimore and they'll get to go fishing with my dad, and shopping with my mom ;) But I'm not looking forward to spending so much time with them on an airplane... alone. My husband is staying home to watch the house and have a few parties work.


Lisa N. said...

Awww look at those smiles - how adorable!

Thanks for the comments over at my place. :-)

Michelle said...

Ooo, good luck on the plane. I'm so not up to attempting that. I AM thinking about driving up to MN in August, but that's (maybe) a bit better. Good luck! On all counts, including the ummm lovely summer weather.

And I'm so impressed that your four year old is going off the high dive! That's so cool. Let's just say that Mister Man's skills aren't quite there yet, much as he loves spending time in the water.

girlytwins said...

Great swimming pics! I want to get my girls into lessons but I'm not sure if they are too young. When did you start?

Your trip sounds fabulous. Can't wait to see pics.

And you are too funny about naming Jessica my 'oldest friend'...Haha. I prolly will get a good lickin' from her on that LOL.