Sunday, July 13, 2008

Going on a Trip

Tomorrow I'm taking the two kids to visit my family. We live in the Seattle suburbs and my sister lives in the Detroit suburbs. Did I mention that I'm taking my two kids, alone, on a plane from Seattle to Detroit???? I have no idea what I was thinking when I bought these tickets. You know how the computer always asks, "are you sure?" whenever you want to delete something? Well, it should have asked, "are you sure?" when I went online to buy tickets for 2 kids and just me!

With so many new airline restrictions, I'm not sure what to bring to entertain the kids on the plane. And lately my 6 year old has been trying to use the men's room alone. I admit, he is getting too big to go in the ladies room with me, but he is too little to go in the men's room alone!

At the pool where the kids took swimming lessons, there was a sign saying that boys age 6 and over were not allowed in the ladies room. So he had to get changed in the men's locker room. At least at the pool, you know most of the people that are coming and going. But I'm not about to let my son use the men's room at the airport alone! How do all of you other moms handle this kind of thing? At what age do you let them go alone? I still don't know when, but I know it won't be on this trip! I just hope we can find one of those new family restrooms.

After our 2 nights at my sister's in Detroit, we're going to visit my parents who live in the DC suburbs. At least it's a short flight from Detroit to DC. We're staying at my parents' house for 6 nights and return home next Tuesday. (Don't worry, I'll probably have some blogging time while I'm at my parents' house.)

The nice thing about staying with family is that I don't have to rent a car or reserve a hotel room while we're on "vacation." I don't have to worry about packing things like shampoo or toothpaste, I can just use theirs. But I do have to pack presents.

Today I went shopping. I found a Seattle piggy bank for nephew, some cookies for my brother-in-law and a box of aplets and cotlets for my sister. My parents are also getting aplets and cotlets, but the sugar free variety for them. If you haven't tried applets and cotlets, you can get some next time your in Washington or check out their website.

So while we're gone, please keep me in your thoughts and I'm sure to have lots of good stories and pictures to share soon.


Michelle said...

Have fun on your vacation! I have friends who've done the flying alone with two small children and survived and so shall you.

For the flight, may I recommend:
Paper and pens/crayons
A portable DVD player
Activity books (math or Mad Libs or whatever they're into)
Lots and lots of books

Good luck!

Elizabeth said...

Have a great trip...I'll pray for you! Pax, E

girlytwins said...

Have a great time.