Sunday, July 6, 2008

Only Thing Open is the Snow!

This weekend has been busy and now I'm tired! Yesterday we wanted to take the kids swimming. Everyone got changed into their bathing suits. I packed bags with towels and a change of clothes. We drove to the pool and found that it was closed for "chlorine issues." I don't really know what that means, but it didn't sound good.
Today we wanted to take a trail that we took last year to the ice cave. The ice cave forms every year from June through October. It has something to do with the way the mountains form and the way the snow melts. It's really neat and the kids have been asking to go back. So we packed lunches and a change of clothes for the kids (just in case) and we drove over an hour to the ice cave trail. Guess what... It was closed! The bridge was washed out by a storm over the winter and the snow hadn't melted enough yet to form the ice cave. The park ranger we spoke with suggested that we try back in October.
So we drove a little more and found another trail that was closed because the road was out. And a little farther we found a trail that was open! I checked in our book of local trails for kids and this trail was supposed to be very good for kids. So we got out of the car and put on our jackets and the first thing we found at the entrance to the trail was a pile of snow.
We walked about 3/4 of a mile to this lake. Here is a picture of me with the kids.
Then we had to walk back down the trail. This was more like skiing without the skies. The kids loved it. They slid down on their bottoms most of the way. My younger son said the trail was a lot of fun and then he asked, "Can we come back here in the summer?" I assured him that it is summer, but there was no convincing him, because there is only snow in the winter. He also wanted hot chocolate when he got home.


Michelle said...

That looks fun! I'd say that I wish we had such fun things around us, but unfortunately I'm with your son that snow is only for winter :)

So when I come to Seattle for my friend's wedding in November, what's the chance that the ice cave will be there then?

girlytwins said...

I am so jealous. It was 106 and windy here today. It felt like you were walking around in front of a blow dryer.

Great pic of you and the boys too :)

Elizabeth said...

WOW, That looks like a great time.
Take them back in a month or two and see what it is like!
Blessings, E