Thursday, July 24, 2008

A Day at the Park

Today I took my kids to the park. While we were there, I heard a mother calling for her child. "Allegra, come here!" Since I wasn't really paying attention I thought that I must not have heard correctly. Then the mother called for "Allegra" again. I thought it was a strange unique name and then walked around to find my own kids.

A few minutes later I heard another mother calling for her child, "Tyson!" Ok, now I was wondering if this was some kind of joke. Was this park just for kids named after things you can find at the grocery store? Suddenly I had the urge to yell out, "Claritin! Perdue! It's time to go!"


MadWoman said...


Yeah those names are right up there with Apple, Nox, and Fifi. Those people will always make me wonder.

Angela said...


I have this big name hangup. Why can't people name their kids something easy to pronounce and is not associatd to food/drugs/or poledancers AND is spelled somewhat correctly and doesn't cause people to stop, stare at the name and say "Uhhhh?".

Cookie said...

Ok, just so everyone knows, I have nothing against unusual names. Actually my first born has a traditional Japanese name and few people in the US can pronounce it correctly. But this one time at the park, I was taken by 2 names in a row and I sorta like felt like I was either on candid camera or the $64,000 pyramid and The answer could either have been "Things you find at Walmart" or "Baby names"!

Angela said...

Well let me add that using a traditional cultural name is awesome in my book. I thnk it brings children closer to their heritage! My issues come with naming your child Paradise, Superman, or using all kinds of funky spellings for something as simple as Mary and people can't figure out what it says.