Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Busy Day

Thank you to whomever returned my normal 4 year old son overnight. It was nice to have my usual boy back today without a single tantrum. We went to the free movie this morning. We saw "Everyone's Hero." It was cute.

Then we came home for lunch. Then 2 of the kids' friends and their mom came over for a little more than an hour. The kids played and I helped my friend get started couponing. She emailed me tonight how much fun it was to go to the store and walk out with so much stuff for free. I must admit, couponing can be very addictive!

After our friends left, i had to make one more trip to the store so I could use up some coupons before the sale ended (Got 6 packs of gum, 12 kool aid, 8 Kleenex, 1 pack of cheese, 6 packs of hot dogs, 4 Windex, 2 bananas, 1 cucumber and paid $1.36 and got back $20 and $1.50 off my next order coupons). Then we went to swimming lessons (both kids did great). Afterwards we had a picnic in the car because it was raining outside. We went to the library and got some new books. And we attended the magic show at the library at 7pm. It was a very busy, tantrum-free day!

Last night I went out with some friends. One of those friends was at the swimming lesson with her son earlier and witnessed the worst tantrum my 4 year old has ever thrown. I felt much better after talking with the other moms about it and of course a few drinks helped me to forget about most of it. My 6 year old also has swimming lessons. The friend who was at the swimming lesson has a 6 year old in the same class as mine. She told me how upset she was the our kids got put in time out during the class. I was so focused on my 4 year old, that I had no idea my 6 year old was also misbehaving! I laughed and told her that I told my 6 year old what a great job he did in the swim class that day! Luckily that day is in the past!


girlytwins said...

Happy to hear that today was a good day. Sounds like great everyday normal fun :)

Sounds like I need to get on the coupon bandwagon :) Wow...your deals were amazing.

Angela said...

So glad your son got back to normal. I call it kiddy pms myself, mine get it on occasion.

Barb said...

My daughter read that children who have tantrums tend to be very intelligent. The tantrum is the result of being frustrated by the situation they are in, in which they cannot do what they believe they can do and their language skills are not up to getting the point across so that the adult understands.

Your kids are smart. Although I don't think I am telling you anything you don't already know.

Hugs - Barb^

Michelle said...

Yay for the return of normalcy! And veeeerrryy impressive on the couponing. You beat me hands down. I've never figured all that out. And I don't seem to have the patience to try.