Monday, September 1, 2008

Yes, The Carpet Did Finally Stop Glowing

"Yes, the carpet finally stop glowing." This was my answer when I talked to friends this morning.

We had a BBQ party at our house last night. There were a lot of families with kids there, so I tried to have some activities to keep the kids busy. First they did a scavenger hunt. I took close-up pictures of different things in the yard and in the house. My husband printed them out and I hid the clues. The kids were divided into 2 teams and then had to look at the picture clues to figure out where to go next. The last clue told the kids to take one of the names that were written on separate pieces of paper and to find that person. I had written down the names of the dads at the party and had given those dads 2 pokemon cards. So when the kids found the right person, they got their prize of pokemon cards.

So the next activity planned for the kids was to trade pokemon cards. I'm not sure why, but my kids can spend hours trading pokemon cards.

When it started to get dark, I brought out some glow sticks. (I found a pack of 15 for $1 at Michael's!) These were another big hit. The kids connected them together, traded them for diffrerent colors, and ran around with the glow sticks for almost an hour. Then finally one child came to tell me that one glow stick had leaked on the carpet. When I went into the living room, I found that my carpet was glowing. The glowing carpet quickly became entertainment for the adults too. I tried to blot it with a wet towel. I tried a dry towel. I tried lots of things, but it kept on glowing. I thought about what Martha Stewart would do and gave up.

So when I spoke to my friends today, they all asked if the carpet ever stopped glowing. I replied, "yes, the carpet did finally stop glowing."


chantal said...

Glow sticks drive me nuts. You were brave to get them! Glad your carpet stopped glowing!

Michelle said...

It isn't truly a party until the carpet is glowing. You succeeded wonderfully!

girlytwins said...

Too funny! That happened in our car after a trip to Sea World :)

Cirila said...

This is great info to know.