Monday, September 29, 2008

Answering a Few Questions

Sometimes I get questions in the comments posted to my blog. I apologize that I'm just horrible about responding to these. When I read them, I answer the questions right away. You just can't hear me. Or at least I think you can't hear me. (Can you hear me now?)

I'll do my best to answer questions now.

Michelle said...
Awwww! So did he choose to announce or which job?

My son won the MVP fan award. I think he was the youngest winner so they let him be the commissioner. We sat in the commissioner's box and I think he had the best seats of any of the other winners because there were no other winners sitting around us. They did have the honorary announcer, she was 11. The honorary scorekeeper was 9 or 10. My son is only 6, so I guess they thought being a MVP fan was the easier job for him. They did announce his name and put a live shot of the 4 of us on the the big screen. He's a lucky kid.

Michelle said...
oooo I love it! Daddy can't get away with ANYthing. I do think (sometimes) that's a real benefit of having kids, don't you?

Yes! I totally agree! Having kids (old enough to talk) is like having a spy cam that moves around your house.

Michelle said...
That sounds really cool. And I feel like I've heard of it before for some reason. Stupid question though... how does one get something that large and messy home? :)

They don't have any glue at the "creation station." So we were able to take it home in pieces and then I used the hot glue when we got home. I've also used the hot glue for a few more repairs since then.

Michelle said...
Just saying, but if it were me, I'd have a VERRRY long letter to said alarm service composed and sent. And I might have to rate each individual service tech (seriously they came out to tell you they didn't have the programmer and had to reschedule?).


Ok, so this is turning to an interview with Michelle!
Thanks for the comments and questions. They always make my day :)


Mabunny said...

HEHE Hiyas Coookie:) Thanks for stopping by my blog to visit. You wre right , that did look like an interview with michelle, but it was still cute.
I will stop by later to read more,I'm currently ready to go sub today at my daughters school, but not her class.
Have a great day!

Michelle said...

Thanks for the answers.... as I was reading I was going "hey, are these just all my questions? Man am I a pain in the you-know-what or what?" Oops :) Sorry, Cookie!

Cookie said...

You're not a pain! I love getting comments and questions. I just wish blogger had an "answer" button that you could click on the respond to someone's comments.