Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Guess Who

Tonight my 6 year old and 4 year were playing the game, "Guess Who." I'm sure those of you who have kids in elementary school have played this game. For those of you don't, it's not too difficult to understand. Each player has a board with about 30 people on it. Each person on the board is different from every other person in some way. Some are wearing a hat, others have glasses, some are bald, some have beards etc... The object of the game is to ask yes or no questions to figure out which person your opponent has selected before your opponent guesses which person you have selected.

Tonight, my 6 year old asked his 4 year old brother, "Is yours a girl?" The answer was "yes." So my 6 year old flipped down all of the boys on his board, leaving only the girls. Then my 6 year old asked, "Does yours have yellow hair?" Again, the reply was "yes." So the 6 year old flipped down any person left who didn't have yellow hair. After a few rounds of questions, the 6 year old only had one card left standing. So he figured out that his brother must have selected "Megan," a blond girl with no glasses and I think she was wearing a hat and earrings. The 6 year old asked the winning question, "Is your person Megan?" The reply was "Yes!" They both started cheering. Then my 4 year handed over his card that should have been "Megan," instead it was "Connor," a black bald man with a mustache (no earrings, no hat and not a girl with yellow hair!)! My husband and I couldn't stop laughing and the kids had no idea what was so funny!


girlytwins said...

LOL! Hilarious.

jen said...

i play that game quite a bit with children that have language disorders. you can't imagine!

Elizabeth said...

That's hysterical...I would have been laughing myself silly. My girls have finally figured out how to play that one without goofing up. Pax, E