Sunday, September 21, 2008

Creation Station

This weekend we went to a place called, "Creation Station." They have a room filled with buckets of stuff for kids to make things out of. You can see some of the buckets in the background of the picture below.

My 4 year made this bridge! He is very proud of his work. We brought it home and added a little glue. He's been driving his hot wheel cars across it all day. If you have kids and live in the Seattle area, I highly recommend that you try "Creation Station."

Those hand prints on the wall in the background are from birthday parties there. The birthday child gets to put his or her hand prints somewhere on the wall. I'm hoping that my 6 year old might be interested in having his next birthday party here.


Michelle said...

That sounds really cool. And I feel like I've heard of it before for some reason. Stupid question though... how does one get something that large and messy home? :)

girlytwins said...

That is WAY cool. I love places like that. I wish we had one of those. His bridge is awesome.