Friday, September 19, 2008

Pop Quiz!

What does "Yburwii" translate to in English?

Any guesses?

I'll give you a hint. "Yburwii" is actually an English word, just written by my 4 year old.

Any guesses now?

One more hint. My 4 year old wrote "Yburwii" at the top of his list of books.

Did you guess that "Yburwii" is actually library???? Pronounced "Y-bur-wii." Yes, my 4 year old figured that the "wee" sound at the end of "library" should be spelled just like the Nintendo Wii that he likes to play. Another proud parent moment brought to by the letters "Y" and "Bur" and the game console "Wii."


Michelle said...

Hey, that's pretty good of him. And sadly, in elementary school, many teachers would give him credit for it because it's spelled the way it sounds. I'm SO not a fan of that method myself though. There's a right spelling and a wrong spelling. Learn how to do it right (my poor, poor kids!) ;)

girlytwins said...

LOve it!