Friday, August 1, 2008

He Took My Stuff!

Yesterday I took my husband to the airport for his 9 day trip to India. My 4 year old cried all the way home. It took almost an hour to get home.

Last night my husband asked me where the camera was. I hadn't thought about it before, but he wanted to take the camera on his trip. I'm used to having the camera around and taking pictures of the kids. Now I'm wishing we had 2 cameras. I didn't want to give up the camera, but I guess since he only gets to go to India (with a layover in Germany) once every 80 years or so, it seemed right to let him take the camera. Besides, I still haven't gone through all 200 pictures I took on your trip to VA. Most of those were taken on the fishing boat because that was the only time that I didn't have make sure the kids weren't getting lost.

My husband also took the last working umbrella with him. Apparently its monsoon season in India now. I thought that was fine (and I wondered why we only have one umbrella!). It hasn't rained here in a few weeks. The grass is dried out and dying. So last night it started raining right before swimming lessons and didn't stop until after came home from having dinner at our neighbor's house.

Yesterday was also the last day for swimming lessons. Both of my kids have moved up to Level 2. Yay! We'll start those (hopefully tantrum free) on Monday.

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girlytwins said...

So funny. I always think of that type of stuff as mine too. I do all the picture taking etc...I hope you don't get too wet while he is gone and you & your boys survive 9 days without him. :)