Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Please DoNot Spit on Walls, or on your Brother

My husband took a picture of this sign last week during his trip to India. This sign was posted on a shrine. Oh, and I like how they made "donot" one word.

Sometimes, I think I need one of these signs in my house, although I would delete the words, "on walls" so that the sign simply says, "Please donot spit."

Last week my kids asked me to buy them slurpees, so being a nice mom, I did. We went home. I started to put away the groceries and check my email when I hear some fighting going on in the family room, in the carpeted family room. I went into the family room to discover that my kids had decided the slurpees were great for spitting at each other. Sorry 7/11 but it will be a very long time before I ever buy slurpees again.


girlytwins said...

It's funny they have a problem with people spitting on their walls. I'm really sorry you had a spitting contest in your living room. That does not sound good...at all.

Michelle said...

Oooo, ouch! Out of curiosity, does Slurpee come out of carpeting? It's such an unnatural color and all (but I LOVE them).

Maybe you can just blow up your husband's picture and crop it and make your own sign?

Barb said...

Slurpee spitting - must be a new Olympic event.

You must have a coupon for carpet cleaning somewhere.

Elizabeth said...

oh, so sorry. boys and all spittables are such a hazzard.
I like the sign.

The Broken Man said...

That sign was on a shrine? I'm surprised they needed one! Who spits on a shrine anyway?

The Broken man

Anonymous said...

Glad you put that sign in context...we could use one in all the ballparks around the states!

Give your kids GIANT Slurpees and tell them it's a contest to finish them...brain freeze will slow them down a tad for ya!