Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Thanks Uncle!

I got an unexpected phone call today from my uncle. I haven't talked to him in over 2 years since I moved to Washington from New Jersey. He's always been the uncle that I was closest too and it was great to hear from him.

He called because he ran into an old friend of mine (and yes, I did just call her old! :P ) at a bar in Kearny, NJ (that's pronounced CAR knee). He said talking to her made him think of me and he just had to call and see how I was doing. His calling really made my night!

I've made a lot of good friends here in Washington, but I don't have much of a past with any of them. The longest I've known any of them is 2.5 years! But most of my friends I met only a year ago. So we share a lot of common complaints about bills, traffic, kids and husbands. We share laughter in the good times and drinks in the bad times.

But there's no one here in Washington like my uncle who'll say, "remember that time when you were 5 and you refused to go to school because you wanted to the spend the entire day with me?" There's no one here who'll say, "your cousin is turning into you. She's so stubborn these days!" There's no one here who will say, "How ya doin?" and mean it. There are lots of people here who will say, "How ya doin?" just to mock my "accent." (I don't really have an accent. I don't know why people don't pronounce the "w" in Dawn or the "w" in talk like I do :P )

So it was good to hear from my uncle. It was good know that I can be the missing link for people meeting thousands of miles away. It's good to keep in touch with your past. Uncle, thanks for calling!


Anonymous said...

That is true..even when you are close! Sometimes we even forget about those that are close enough to see and it's a phone call that brings it all back. I hope we never lose the phone over IMing and stuff!

Oh, I'm Lilacspec's nekkid mom :P That's how I found you!

Elizabeth said...

How sweet...oh, and I CAN pronounce Kearney! Course I grew up in at the beach (NOT the shore) in central Jersey (NOT North or South!) My sister moved to Illinois years ago and they still tease her about her "accent". The funny thing is, taching English Phonetics to my kids, I've learned thet it is EVERY BODY ELSE that has the accent...not ME!