Sunday, August 3, 2008

Hide and Seek

I was tempted to write an entry for "Day 3" but I started to feel like I was making tick marks on a prison wall. Not that I've ever been in prison or anything, but you know, like you see in the movies, ok, so maybe that was in the really old movies... Ahem... anyway, back to today's hide and Seek.

This afternoon I heard the garage door open. I assumed one of the kids went to play in the cul de sac in front of our house. So about a minute later, I got up and checked the front window, but I couldn't see anyone. So I went through the house. I found my older son, but I couldn't find my 4 year old. I asked my older son where his brother was. "I don't know" was the reply.

Now I started to get worried. I had gone through the house and couldn't find him. I had looked outside and he wasn't there. So I went in the front and started calling his name. Still no response. Finally my older son started to help me look. It had only been about 4 minutes but it feels more like 4 hours! Where could he have gone so fast?!?!

As I start to panic and I'm almost ready to call 911, I run through the garage calling his name and I hear a feint, "I'm here." But I still couldn't see him. Where was the voice coming from?! So I asked, "where are you?"
His reply, "I'm in the car."
I open the door and there he is in the front passenger seat.
"What were you doing in there?"
"I wanted to take a nap in there."
Of course, as if I'm the crazy one for not knowing something as obvious as that. Why didn't I think to look in the car first?!


Michelle said...

Well of COURSE he was in the car. Where else would a four year old disappear to take a previously unannounced nap? Here's hoping you have fun plans this week!

Anonymous said...

Man, I woulda been panicking too! My 3 yr old loves the car. I have found him sitting in it, making his driving noises. And when I pull him out and give him my evil glare he goes "But, but, but mommy, I am Lightning McQueen!"

girlytwins said...

OMG. I hate that feeling.

Sometimes I feel like I wanna go out to the car to and take a nap so I know how he feels. LOL.

georgie said...

OMGoodness I remember that feeling and WHY o WHY do they always hide in the car??? my middlebean once snuck out the front door he was 4 and punched the trunk button on my car and a passerby saw him climbing in the trunk and had the good sense to stop and ring my doorbell and tell me-
If you wanna know how they turn out after taht age feel free to stop by my blog I have got tweens and teens now...yiyiyi
oh btw I saw and clicked ya on allmed-glad i did

Barb said...

I can identify. When I was just a little thing, I would hide in a closet behind some boxes. My mother would hunt all over for me, calling my name. I think I even fell asleep once.

I think I wanted to see if she missed me.

chantal said...

my youngest son once got up during his regular nap when he was about 2,and went in the closet,closed the door and fell back asleep. Imagine my horror when I went to check on him and couldnt find him anywhere. Of course I didnt think to check the closet, so I was panicking. Just as I was about to call 911 screaming that my sone had been abducted from his bed,I happened to notice his hair through the crack in the closet door. Sound asleep. He had slept through my screaming his name!! To this day he is still the soundest sleeper.he slept through a hurricane 2 years ago!!! (he's almost 8 now).