Monday, August 11, 2008

So Simple

I tried to get my son excited about the Olympics. Since he's currently taking swimming lessons, I pointed out the swimmers and told him that these are the fastest swimmers in the world. He wasn't impressed. He told me that he can swim fast too. So I went on to tell him that they practiced for several years (he only started taking swimming lessons within the last year). And that they practice for several hours every day (his lessons are only 30 minutes at a time). He still wasn't impressed. After watching the first race, he began to show some interest.

Today when his class was over, he sat with me on the bench beside the pool to watch his younger brother's swimming lesson. Then he turned to me and said, "Mom, wouldn't it be a good idea to have the Olympics here next time?"

Me: Here? as in this pool?

6 year old son: Yeah, in this pool.

Me: Do you think it's big enough?

6 year old son: Sure! It's the same size as the one on TV.

Me: But do you think the building is big enough? Where would they put all the people who come to watch?

6 year old son: (thinks for a moment and then responds) They could all bring their own chairs!

If only everything in life were that simple ;)


girlytwins said...

Sounds like a plan to me :) I'll bring my chair if you save me a spot...

georgie said...

LOL ohhh how cute and you tell your lil bean that if e makes the Olympic Team one day,I will bring my own chair to cheer him on in!

Michelle said...

Hey, we're trying to get the Olympics in 2016 here in Chicago. Maybe he can forward some of his suggestions over to Mayor Daley!

chantal said...

oh, the it!

Elizabeth said...

How Sweet. I'll bring a chair, for sure. Too bad the swims are so late for us. 10:30pm is alittle late to keep the kids up to watch
Love those Olympics!