Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sports Overload

I love football! I'm a big Eagles fan. Although I will also cheer for the Giants and now even the Seahawks. I was told that if you're a Seahawks fan, then you're not actually from Seattle. I think this is true. When you ask a native Seattlite who their favorite football team is, they will almost definitely say either the Cougs or the Huskies.

So this weekend started NFL's preseason (I'm not even going to comment on Farve). I have been looking forward to watching football ever since the season ended! But why do they have to overlap with the Olympics??? What were they thinking?!

I'm convinced this was a plan by the cable company. They are upset that I still haven't upgraded to all of those fancy options. So I can't Tivo the game while I watch the Olympics or vice versa. The problem is that I just don't have that much time to watch TV (I'm busy blogging, you know ;) ).

In reality the kids monopolize the TV in our house. When the kids aren't watching TV I might be able to watch what I wanted if I wasn't busy keeping the kids out of trouble. So I'm either busy doing something with the kids or I'm begging them to watch TV so I can have a glass of wine get something done around the house.

Now everyone who doesn't have kids says, "can't you just watch TV once the kids are in bed?" The answer is sure! Great idea! Except that I have to clean up all the messes that the kids made during the day, call back and email everyone that I didn't have time to talk or send an email to during the day and then come up with some kind of plans for the next day so the kids will be occupied, stimulated and grow into wonderful young men, or so they at least stop burping in restaurants.

In other news, my husband did return from India yesterday. He brought lots of presents and pictures. He is now sleeping on the couch with a tummy ache. Hopefully things will be back to normal by next weekend :)


Michelle said...

YAY that your husband is back! Boo to the tummy ache though. Did he at least appropriately discuss his appreciation for you holding down the fort?

And I'm with you on only being able to TIVO what I'm watching... but I can't bring myself to upgrade either!

georgie said...

We are so excted it is "football season" too! You did know that football has it's own season? LOL

I am happy your dh is home and I can so related to the tv situation

Anonymous said...

So glad your hubby is back safe and sound. Our kids seem to dominate the tv in our house too. Once in awhile I assert myself and try to watch a show while they scream in protest. Good thing there aren't many shows I wanna watch LOL

Anonymous said...

Root for the Steelers...that'll solve ALL of life's little problems ;P