Monday, June 30, 2008


Remember all of those posts I made earlier this summer complaining about how cold it has been here in WA? Well, I take them all back! This weekend was very hot! And now I'm just not used to heat. We don't have air conditioning but we do have kids. Kids get hot sweaty and then they want to sit on your lap! And since the sun doesn't set till 10:00pm here, there is no relief.

Saturday and Sunday reached 90 and today's high is supposed to be 85. Tomorrow is back to normal with the weather-guessers predicting 79 for the high. I can't wait! But for now, I still need to come up with something cool to keep my kids (and myself) occupied for one more day. I'm thinking about taking them to the movies later, but tomorrow is free movie day. Of course the free movies are different than what's showing today but I'm still not sure that I want to take them to the movies 2 days in a row. I know what you are thinking, I could take them today and then not take them tomorrow. But what a waste of free movie day that would be! Actually a movie sounds like a nice break for me too!

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Michelle said...

Do you guys have park districts with spray parks and the like out by you? They're WONderful, and we spend lots of time at them. Otherwise, spend your time at the movies!