Monday, June 23, 2008

Summer Vacation?

Today was the first Monday of summer "vacation." It's really only a vacation for the kids, not for the moms (or dads) who have to take care of them all summer. So it's not really fair to call it summer vacation is it?

Should I write about how my kids started new swimming lessons today? One kid puked in the pool. I'm a natural puker. If I see puke or smell it, I'll puke. Luckily I didn't join the poor kid as a fellow puker. But I did have a few moms who were offering to get me a chair, fast!

No, the swimming lessons and chasing my kids around all day would take too long to write and I'm exhausted after today! You'd think that all this chasing them around would be great exercise, but somehow I managed to gain a few pounds recently. That doesn't seem fair. All this work and that's what happens?!?!

So I decided to write a funny story that my friend told me today. She has a boy and a girl who are 11 months apart. They used to take baths together when they were very little. But at age 3, the little girl started to notice the differences between boys and girls. One day her little brother stood up in the bathtub. The little girl looked at the boy and was confused. She pointed to him and asked her mom, "is that his tail?" Ever since then the kids have been taking separate baths.


Elizabeth said...

Hi! Sorry I've been MIA lately. You know there really is no such thing as a vacation for parents...unless of course you get away without the children...then- maybe. Blessings, E
PS, love the ant story...good luck with that ant farm!

Michelle said...

Heh. So you mean the fact that my daughter continually explains about how boys stand up to pee and girls sit down isn't normal ;) Granted it's from me TELLING her vs showing her, but still....