Wednesday, June 25, 2008

To Bite or Not To Bite

Today my son was bitten at school but another child. Not hard enough to break the skin but enough that I could still see the pink mark when I picked him. He told me all about what a bad kid the biter was. I had to sign an "accident report" that stated what happened, what time it occurred, who was present, and the treatment he received afterwards. My son goes to a Japanese preschool and they are a little more "over the top" about some things.

My son was really fine. He was probably more hurt by all the falls off his bike this week. Did I tell you that we took his training wheels off on Sunday? By Tuesday he was doing side skids and putting his feet on the handle bars. He's only 4 and already acting like a 12 year old boy. This behavior is not from me.

So back to him being bitten at school... The mother of the biter called me at home and left a very apologetic message. Then she called back later to apologize again. Really, my son was fine. He was riding his bike after school, he went to swimming lessons. He was doing everything fine and no complaints. In fact, I think he really just liked the attention. He told his older brother all about what happened. How the other child bit him and you could still see the teeth marks. How the other child got in trouble and my son was taken to the nurse and he had ice pack etc...

And how did I react to hearing that he was bit on the playground? I was just happy that it wasn't my son who was the biter! *whew!*

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Michelle said...

I'd be just as thrilled as you. We've been the "victims" of such incidents in the past - and EVERYone has to sign an incident report (required by DCFS in IL at least, regardless of how small the incident). So sweet of the mom to call, though.

Oh, and it's spiel. Totally not how you'd think, eh?