Monday, June 16, 2008


I never used to be like this. I always thought graduations were boring and cheesy. I didn't even go to my own college graduation. So why was it so hard to hold back tears at my son's kindergarten graduation and even at my younger son's preschool graduation, and he wasn't even graduating! We were there to watch the class ahead of him graduate (it's a Japanese preschool and it's a Japanese custom for the class that will be taking the place of the graduating class to sing at the graduation (that is one long sentence!)). So I really had no reason to cry (well, I actually didn't cry, but almost!) at the preschool graduation. Especially since my son didn't even go on stage. He started crying and the rest of his class went on stage to sing while he stayed in front of the stage with the teacher. So I really had no reason to get emotional. A little angry maybe, but not emotional.

The kindergarten graduation was even harder. I've been volunteering in the classroom almost every week and I've gotten to know the kids there pretty well and it's sad to think that this is the end of that class. Next year they'll all be mixed up in 3 different first grade classrooms. And somewhere along the road it became difficult to watch my baby growing up. Does that mean I'm getting old? Am I turning into one of those moms??? I really have no idea how this happened. Really, I was never like this before... Never! *sighs*

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Michelle said...

Cookie, if you're one of *those* moms, there aren't any of not those moms left! Who doesn't get emotional at these events. I brought my camera to Mister Man's preschool "graduation" even though he's not graduating with the rest of his class (not old enough for kindergarten). Not a little tyke anymore though, is he?