Friday, June 6, 2008

What I learned in Kindergarten

Yesterday I helped out in my son's kindergarten classroom. The kindergarten classroom next to his had some papers hanging on the wall that the kids made. The papers were titled, "What I learned in kindergarten." Here are a few of my favorites:

I lrnde hot to red

I lrnd how to reed.

I lrnd letters.

I lrnd to read.

I lernd singing.

I lrnd how too bee the best lin leedr.

I lernd evethig.

Those were so cute!

Also, just to keep updated, the corn cupcakes we made yesterday didn't win any prize in the cake contest :( We'll have to come up with something even more painstaking clever for next year!


Michelle said...

Gotta love the spelling of kids. And their thought process on what they're learning!

So if the corn cupcakes won nothing, what DID win?

girlytwins said...

So adorable. I bet the parents of the kid that learned everything were very impressed with the teacher :)