Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Love Those Leftovers

It rained all day today. Ok, so it may be Seattle but still, it's not supposed to rain here in June! Yes, it rains September through April and we all just smile and accept it. But it's June 3rd! and I wore a sweater all day! And turned the heat on! and still wanted some hot chocolate! This is crazy!

Ok, enough about the weather. I have some good news. Today I made leftovers for dinner. Yes, I can hear the grunts and moans coming from the peanut gallery over there (I got that peanut gallery saying from my mom. She's the old one, not me.) . The good thing about these leftovers is that I didn't make them in the first place. My husband cooked dinner on Sunday! And he made enough for 2 dinners. So I didn't have to cook dinner twice! Isn't that great?! Aren't you all just jealous! Don't get too jealous. This is a once a year phenomenon... actually I don't think he made dinner in the last year, maybe this is once every 2 years like the Olympics. Anyway, I was happy not to have to cook dinner tonight or on Sunday. Instead I spent the rainy afternoon baking and decorating sugar cookies with my kids and 2 of their friends. After that nightmare fun was over I had a nice rum and coke to go with those leftovers ;)

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Joanna said...

Ye-haw for not having to cook! When my hubby cooks I usually have a large mess to clean up. So I can either cook and clean or really clean. Or I do the mature thing and ignore the mess until he can't stand it except that always backfires on me. :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog and glad to give you a laugh!