Saturday, June 7, 2008

When did this happen???

I really have no idea who this happened. It seems like just yesterday my 4 year old fell backwards and hurt himself and now he tells me that he is a big boy and no longer needs the side rail on his bed to keep him from rolling off the bed during the night. He had been saying that he didn't need it anymore for a while. But I didn't believe him, he's only 4 after all. I told him that after his grandparents left I would take it off and he remembered! How could he remember that I said that when he can't even remember to flush every time?! I really thought that would make him forget about it and I could wait till he was at least 10 or 12 to take the rail off the bed. But he did remind me, so I had to take it off this week as promised.

I put a pile of pillows on the floor next to bed thinking that surely he was too little and he would roll off the bed. Then I would be able to but the rail back on again. But no! He went all week without rolling off the bed and finally I had to get rid of the rail permanently!

What happened to my baby?!?! And don't you just hate when the kids are right and you are wrong?!


Michelle said...

Yep, they always remember the things you *don't* want them to! Mister Man still has both his rails on his bed. Little Miss did, too, until Friday night when Daddy wasn't watching her and she climbed on the side of her bed and broke one of the rails so that it doesn't work anymore. Knock on wood she hasn't fallen out of bed yet -- but I'm SO fixing it as soon as I can. She's too little to be without rails! Good luck with your little guy!

Kellan said...

I always found this amazing - that they just instictively somehow stay on the bed - what's up with that - how do you think they teach themselves this thing that just seems impossible and inevitable? Glad he didn't fall out - good job!

Have a good week - see you soon - Kellan

Good & Crazy said...

Hey, thanks for your well wishes! I'm excited win or not, who cares?

And I love that you called your kid little Frankenstein in an earlier post, that's awesome!

girlytwins said...

We just changed over toddler beds recently and I kept the bumper on cuz I thought no way would my girls not fall out that huge whole left by the toddler rail.

It is pretty funny when they remember things like that but not to do the silly day to day things :)

Joanna said...

What I want to know is how did they figure it out and I never did?? I used to fall out all the time as a kid> I got paranoid from falling out that I then started crashing into the wall.
I eventually outgrew it! :)

Elizabeth said...

Double rails on snorkie's bed...He has a REALLY high bed so they will be there a while... Congrats on a whole week...sure'nuf stinks when they are right. Pax, E

Jules said...

I actually think I waited too long to remove the rail. My 9 year old uses it like a wall and plasters himself up against it when he sleeps! Now I'm a tad afraid to take it away.