Monday, December 8, 2008

Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

I've been a very good girl this year. I have bought cooked junk healthy dinners for my family almost every day. I have done most of my chores. I have been a mean nice mom to my kids. I dragged 2 ungrateful kids drove them to various activities including swimming lessons, T-ball, Chess Club, Cub Scouts, Summer Concerts, Birthday Parties, and Soccer. I read in the parent manual, that trips to Chuck E. Cheese were optional and worth extra points. I did survive one trip to Chuck E. Cheese this year. I also took my 2 kids angels on a trip across the country to Detroit and Virginia for 10 days. alone. I didn't see this in the manual, but I believe that should be worth even more points.

I would like to redeem my points this year for the following:

1. A personal assistant (preferably a cutie)

2. A vacation (I mean a real vacation without kids and somewhere that has a bar in a pool and serves drinks with cute umbrellas.)

3. A nanny (and not one of those who will flirt with my husband)

4. A new car (ideally a car where the kids can ride as far away from me as possible)

5. A new bank account (mine is missing a few zeros at the end)

6. A maid (again, not someone too good looking who will flirt with my husband)

7. A vacation (the stress gets to me sometimes and causes me to lose my memory)

8. A new computer (while typing this, I am realizing how slow my computer is!)

9. A masseuse (another cutie would be nice)

10. That smell in the bathroom to go away (this may be solved by getting a toilet that is so big the kids can't miss it!)

11. World Peace and an end to Global Warming

12. 3 more wishes

13. A partridge in a pear tree


Cathy said...

That's great!! I would love all those things, too. You did a cross-country trip with two kids--that definitely deserves a cute personal assistant and masseuse!

Mama Zen said...

I having been dodging Chuck E Cheese for over a year! A trip there is definitely worth extra points!

Michelle said...

Love the letter. I've been mentally composing my letter to Santa for days. My expectations of Santa are much lower though ;) Or maybe much higher, depending on the probability!

Elizabeth said...

I already go t(myself) my Christmas present. Cuisiart 8 cup food processor! WooHoo! Have wanted one for a long time.

I think you deserve at least one of your requests just for the Chuck-e-Cheese experience! I usually send my Darling Husband on that errand ;)

girlytwins said...

Haha. That is too funny. I might have to ad a few of your wishes to my list.

I agree...Chuck E Cheese is worth bonus points :)