Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Case of the Missing Finger

This weekend my 4 year old put on his gloves and there was empty space where a finger should be. He was very surprised. He looked at me and shouted, "Mom! Look! There's one extra one!" He took off his glove and immediately started counting his fingers. Then he counted the number of fingers on the glove (how analytical of him). His happy face turned sad when he realized his mistake. What a cutie!


Cathy said...

That's so cute! My boys struggle with gloves, so we've been using mittens.

girlytwins said...

So cute! We struggled with mittens for so long the other day just trying to get the thumb in. I can only imagine how much fun 5 separate fingers will produce. :)

Michelle said...

Oh that sooooo sounds like something Mister Man would do. Poor kid :) Love the innocence of youth.