Thursday, November 20, 2008

It's Official!

Today I went jogging in the rain. So that makes me an "official" Seattleite! (Doesn't that sound a little too much like satellite? But that's what people in Seattle call themselves.)

A while ago, I read an article about the healthiest cities in the U.S. Seattle ranked somewhere near the top. Seattle is known to have a big "Organic" trend (they even have organic pet food stores now!). And I think the number of teriyaki joints outnumber the burger joints around here. You can find coffee on every corner, but might have to drive 30 minutes for the nearest Donut shop.

But it's not just the food people eat. Seattleites are also known for their exercise. The area around Seattle is full of hiking and bike trails. Many people even ride their bike to work. Most streets have designated bike lanes. And the buses even have bike racks in the front. So bikers can take their bike with them when they ride the bus. (The first time I saw this, I laughed. In NYC there aren't many bike riders and I have never seen a bike rack on a bus!). Yes Seattle is also know for its rainy season, but that doesn't stop people. They continue to have baseball games, outdoor recess, ride bikes and go camping in the rain.

I once thought that I would never adjust to doing things outside in the rain. On the east coast when it rains, we go inside or use umbrellas. I once went Christmas shopping with my sister in NYC. It was raining. We went from Macy's to Rockefeller Center in the rain. Our paper shopping bags were wet and ripping and we had to dodge all of the umbrellas on the sidewalk. It was typical New York and I loved it! I've been told that only tourists use umbrellas in Seattle. Well this morning I went for a walk and a job in the rain without my umbrella. I feel like I passed some sort of initiation ritual and I'm officially a Seattleite now.


Fire Hunt said...

Here in Ohio umbrellas are the thing!

Michelle said...

Awww, congratulations! And I'm so glad again that it didn't rain while I was there! Good for you on the jog!

Oh, and ummm I found the donut places while I was there... chocolate croissant from a store near the dairy and meat markets across from Pike's Market and a delish bakery with a GREAT cherry donut near the fish throwing people and ooooo The Crumpet Room (which ok isn't really donuts but that was the BEST lunch with my pesto and tomato and English cheese -- and now my tummy is growling!).

Cathy said...

That's cool! Denver is considered a healthy city, too, but since it's hardly ever rains here, it's easy to exercise.