Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Dog Worries

I started dog-sitting today. This dog is my absolute favorite dog to watch. She is great with kids and so well trained. She doesn't bark and doesn't pull on the leash. My kids were very excited when the dog and her owner rang our doorbell today.

The dog was very happy to see us. She ran around and around and squealed with delight. It must be great to be a dog. Never have to worry about letting your emotions get the best of you. Never having to worry about what other people will think. Never having to worry about jeans making your butt look big (they always do. That's how jeans are made). Never having to worry much about anything.

What do dogs have to worry about? Hmm... "If I pee on this carpet, I might have to stay outside in the rain"? "If I help myself to the leftover sandwich on the counter I might get hit with the newspaper."

It must be nice to be a dog... except for that sleeping on the floor part. Oh! and that peeing outside on the grass part. Um... And eating off the floor and letting little kids run after you doesn't sound so good either.


Fire Hunt said...

We have a dog and we love her.

Michelle said...

Actually.... having an always available bathroom that you don't care about using sounds sorta nice when you think about the peanut sized bladder that my husband's family has. Awfully convenient! And good luck with that dog sitting.

Mama Zen said...

Actually, I always thought that it would be fabulous to be a cat. Or, maybe just my mom's cat!