Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Club Chess

My son's school had their first Chess Club meeting today. My son got a Chess set last year for Christmas and has played a little. At 6 years old, he knows how to set up the board and how to move all the pieces. He just needs to work on strategy.

I learned how to play Chess when I was about 5 years old. My father was an avid Chess player and he would play with me. Of course being so young and knowing how to play chess got some attention from my dad's chess playing friends. I loved it! Then when I turned about 8 and could still play Chess, it wasn't quite as exciting. No one cared anymore. My father stopped playing as often and so I stopped playing as well.

So it's been a few years (ok, maybe a few decades!) since I was really into playing Chess. And this past year I have taught my son the rules. I also taught him that the game is called "Chess" and not "chest" as he had been saying. We play every once in a while. I beat him every time and he enjoys it. One time his friend asked me to play. I was able to beat the much wiser 7 year old friend too.

My son and his friend loved going to the Chess club today. They played for 45 minutes straight and no one wanted to leave when it was time to go. When I got home, I searched online to see how my son could play on the computer. I thought I would give it a try first. The level options were, "easy," "normal," "difficult," and "crazy." I thought, "I'm not a bad Chess player. Let me try, 'normal.'" I lost 3 games in a row. In less than 10 seconds per game. So I switched to "easy." I lost again, but it took at least a few minutes this time! I guess after not playing for so many years and my toughest challenge being a 7 year old, I really lost any skill I may have once had! I need some practice! But please don't tell my son. In his mind, I'm still the best Chess player he knows!


girlytwins said...

I wouldn't even know how to set up a chess board. How cool that he is so excited about the chess club. What a great group to join.

Michelle said...

The best part about children is that they remind us that it's ok to think that we're the best -- even if it IS only in our own minds.