Monday, November 24, 2008

How Many Things Can You Handle?

Lately, I feel like I'm on a new game show called, "How Many Things Can You Handle?" The players on this game show are moms and the object of the game show is to see how many things that mom can handle at one time.

Last week my husband was sick. We also had a tree take down part of our fence. I hired someone to remove the tree. My husband was better and he fixed the fence. I'm glad he was able to do it this weekend because last month, I agreed to dog-sit over Thanksgiving. It's much easier to dog-sit when you don't have a big hole in your fence.

Then I got sick. When I get a cold, I get a bloody nose and terrible headaches. It's a lot of fun. I stayed in the house recovering while my husband was outside with the fence and the kids. My 4 year old jumped from the swing set and landed on his face. He came in the house covered with blood and mud. I called the dentist who said to wait till Monday to bring him in (He's fine. No damage to the permanent tooth.).

My 6 year old has half days this week. Who's idea was idea was it to give the elementary school half days right before Thanksgiving?! Don't they know that we are busy preparing for Thanksgiving and we don't have time for half days?!

This morning I woke up ready to take my 6 year old to the bus stop and my 4 year old to the dentist. Then I realized that my 4 year old has wet his bed. He doesn't do this often. In fact, he wasn't sure what happened. But he was sure that it wasn't his fault. He told me that all of his clothes were wet. And he was a little annoyed at me for making them wet. I had to explain to him that he peed in his bed. His older brother had fun repeating that for everyone today.

I didn't have time to get any errands done while my 6 year old was in school. So after lunch I took both kids to the bank and then to the dollar store (I also need to plan a birthday party) and then to the library and to the jewelry store. At the dollar store I asked the kids more than once to not touch anything. Finally I took my 6 year old and made him stand right in front of me. He wasn't happy about this. Then he started to say that he wasn't touching anything bad. He put his index finger on my arm and said, "see it's OK to touch you." I tried to ignore this. Then he put his finger on the checkout counter, "I can touch here." And then on the lotto machine... I thought I was going to scream. I took the kids in the kids and slapped their hands (The 4 year old was copying the 6 year old). I told them that I still needed to go to the library but they weren't allowed to pick anything out. Who's crazy idea was it to give these kids half days?! Really! I would like to have a word with that person.

So after that I needed to add a trip to the liquor store on my list of errands. And that concludes another fun round of "How Many Things Can You Handle?"


Michelle said...

Oh how fun. The good news is that the game never gets easier, right? And ummm did you know that (at least here) children aren't allowed in liquor stores? Yeah, I didn't know that either... until the nice man told me (as part of a random conversation fortunately and not because he was kicking me and the wee ones out!).

MadMad said...

YIKES! That is a bad run! This is a tough time of year as it is, without illness, swing falls and dog-sitting thrown in!

Fire Hunt said...

I am on that game also. How do we get off the game?

Anonymous said...

OH man. I can just hear my now eleven year old accusing me of making his clothes wet. :) oh dear....

Some days...some days. The thing is that unless you're a mom, unless you've been there, it just doesn't all fit together. What caused that woman to go crazy?