Saturday, November 29, 2008

Do You Have a Belly Button?

Today at dinner the topic of conversation turned to belly buttons. I'm not sure how this topic got started. My kids love it when I say "belly button" in Japanese (hey so) and chase after them until I grab them and tickle their tummies or belly buttons. I think my 6 year old pulled up his shirt for some reason and exposed his belly button. My husband asked him to sit right and eat dinner. I said that I couldn't play the belly button game during dinner (I know, I'm such a mean mom).

My husband asks my 6 year old if he know what kinds of animals have belly buttons. My 6 year old doesn't know. My husband explains that "warm blooded" animals have belly buttons. My 6 year old isn't sure what "warm blooded" means. So I try to help. "Animals that are born from their moms have belly buttons. Animals that are born from eggs do not have belly buttons," I say.

My 6 year old seems to understand. He says, "so snakes don't have belly buttons."

"Would the dog have a belly button?" I ask.

My 6 year looks at the dog (we're dog sitting until Monday) and thinks. He finally replies, "Yes."

My 4 year old has been sitting at the table and now wants to join this conversation. "Mom doesn't have a belly button," he says.

"Why not? She has a mother," my husband replies.

"Because she's a grown up," is the 4 year old's reply.

I don't know how to reason with his logic. Apparently all grown ups don't have belly buttons. They must fall off somehow when we turn 18! Who knew?!


Fire Hunt said...

I had to look but yes my belly button is here haha

Michelle said...

Oh I love those dinner conversations. Too cute! And now I know how to say belly button in Japanese - bonus!

Tonight I told the wee ones that we couldn't a) have me play piano for them b) show them the songbook for the piano c) sing d) play the map game e) look at the advent tree or f) play the "what's a hit" game during dinner. Mean mom? You've got a long way too go ;)