Sunday, November 2, 2008

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Falsies

1. When you purchase false orange eyelashes to wear for Halloween, don't believe the box that says, "self adhesive." These eyelashes do require additional eyelash glue that costs more than the fake eyelashes.

2. You will discover #1 only after trying for 15 minutes unsuccessfully to put the eyelashes on. You might press too hard on your eyelid and start seeing spots.

3. The spots will go away.

4. Your neighbor does not have eyelash glue that you can borrow.

5. The store will be sold out of the overpriced eyelash glue.

6. Once you finally get a tube of eyelash glue, you won't have time left to try again to put the eyelashes on. You will be late for the Halloween Party at your son's school that you offered to help with.

7. You will lose one of the eyelashes before you get home from the store that has one bottle of eyelash glue left.

8. Eyelash glue says it is clear, but it comes out white and makes a nice paste on your eye lids when dry.

9. Don't try to apply eyelash glue on in the car while driving 2 kids from one Halloween party to the next.

10. Thinking about eyelashes falling off, missing eyelashes and eyelash glue will cause you to forget your camera in your son's classroom.

11. Your husband won't notice all the trouble you went through for the festive Halloween eyelashes.

12. False eyelashes come off very very easily.


Michelle said...

Good lessons but ummm I'll let you put them to practice. I may skip the false eyelashes.

btw -- any suggestions of things to do in Seattle in mid-November?

Cathy said...

LOL--I've never tried false eyelashes, and after your post, I'm not sure I ever will! :)

girlytwins said...

I have been right there with you. Then once I got mine on i realized they were on crooked. then my eyes just itched all night.

I too had to go to the store & buy glue after failed attempts of self adhesive glue. LOL

jen said...

thanks for visiting...
and especially...
thanks for the false eyelash information. i'm filing that in my "may need to know at some point but hopefully never" file. :)

tutietutu said...

Ah! I hate those false halloween lashes! So irritating!