Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Follow the Leader

I went to my dance class tonight. I've been taking belly dancing for a while now. The class I currently take is for tribal belly dancing. It has a very natural earthy feel to it. Nothing is choreographed. We dance in a troop and follow the leader from cues she gives. Dancing together has a great sense of unity or sisterhood. It had to describe in words.

The troop takes turns being the lead dancer. When my my turn came up, I started one move and then felt my coin belt was coming loose. I could feel it getting ready to fall to my ankles. So I did a move that would cause all of the dancers to face the back wall and hopefully give me a few seconds to tighten my belt.

My plan didn't work. All the dancers saw my quick reach for my belt. And they did want any troop of tribal belly dancers would do... They followed! So everyone started to move their hands on the waist until they realized that I wasn't actually starting a new dance move, I was trying to keep my belt on! The teacher had to stop the music so we could all laugh. Later that night when it was my turn to be the lead again, my teacher motioned for me to start the "tighten your belt" move. Guess no one is going to forget that dance move for a while!


Cathy said...

That's funny! I'm impressed you do belly dancing! It sounds like fun, but I don't have the nerve. :)

girlytwins said...

How fun! I wold love to join a class like that even if I have to follow a leader that has us tightening our belts :)

Michelle said...

I miss my belly dancing class (Saturday mornings during football season... *sigh*). How FUNNY -- I'm not sure how I'd do with having to lead my class. I'm perfectly happy just following along. Enjoy your class! (And good to know there's more belly dancing peoples out there)