Saturday, October 17, 2009

An Expanding Vocabulary

Tonight my husband and I played Scrabble Jr. with our boys, ages 5 and 7. The 5 year old lined up his letters and spelled out the word, "hot." My 7 noticed it and pointed it out. Then he asked, "I wonder if he means hot temperature hot, or hot like a lady hot?"

My husband and I exchanged glances that asked the same silent question, "hot like a lady hot?"

So I asked, "Honey, what do you mean, 'hot like a lady'?"

"You know mom, like a good looking woman."

Now my husband and I knew he knew what he was talking about, but we weren't ready for the 5 year old to join in. "Like a beautiful woman," my 5 year old said.

Then my 5 year added an "E" to his row of letters and said "See mom, now it's H-O-T-E, hottie!"

My husband and I couldn't hold back our laughter.

Vocabulary and spelling lessons all in one night!

This proud parent moment is brought to you Milton Bradley.


Talon said...

lol! They sure grow up fast, don't they? I love it - Hot with an "e" - that's pure logic!

a corgi said...

LOL; watch out for those teen years!


Anonymous said...

Too cute!

Heidi said...

That is awesome! I wouldn't have been able to contain my laughter either.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Woooooo Cookie.... Kids are just too smart these days... Life has changed so much since I raised my boys. Don't think my kids at age 5 or 7 would have ever thought of a 'Hot' Lady!!!!! ha ha


Aliceson said...

Cute! Soon they'll be spelling naughty words like ass and fart. *snicker* So funny what kids come up with.

Joyce-Anne said...

I really thought bathroom humor came first. They are too much!

Michelle said...

You've just convinced me to never play Scrabble with the wee ones. I'm just not ready for this ;) LOVE it.

LL Cool Joe said...

Yeah trust me the words will get much naughtier! Still it could be worse, with the years of scrabble at least they should spell them properly!

Lynn said...

That is so great - you never know when they are listening or what they are taking in. :)

girlytwins said...

LOL!! This is awesome! I love it, love it!!