Friday, January 9, 2009

Oh Nothing

My son went on a field trip with his first grade class. They went to see a play of The Wizard of Oz in Seattle. My friend was one of the chaperones. I met her at the bus stop as we waited for the school bus. I asked her how the field trip went today. She told me that everything went well until the ride home. The bus had to pull over on the side of highway. She was sitting in the back and had no idea what was wrong. Then she noticed some moms in the middle of the bus starting to get up and move kids around. She discovered that a child had thrown up on the bus. I'm so glad that I didn't go on this field trip! I'm one of those people who will puke as soon as someone else pukes. I'm just a copy cat that way!

Knowing about the bus incident, I asked my son, "How was the field trip today?"


I tried to probe a little more. "How was the bus ride?"


"Fine?! Were you on the same bus as the rest of the first graders?!" I didn't actually say that. Instead I pushed a little more, "Who did you sit next to on the bus?"

"I sat by myself."

My 5 year old who had been waiting at the bus stop with me and overheard my friend tell me about the puking blurted out, "Who threw up on the bus?"

"Oh that was Nick."

He said it so nonchalantly as if it was "Oh Nothing."

Then he asked if I had ever seen the Wizard of Oz. I told him that I had and he didn't believe me. What was his reasoning for not believing me? I wasn't on the field trip today! He was very anxious to tell me all about how someone hid behind a curtain and pretended to be a wizard! So cute!


Michelle said...

Well isn't that lovely? :) We had similar issues two years ago on our zoo field trip (starting with a mom sitting at the back of the bus who was newly pregnant and had bad morning sickness). They quickly pulled all the people who were prone to car sickness and put them at the front of the bus. Luckily no more issues.

Last year? We drove ourselves instead of taking the bus. Two guesses what we're doing this year ;)

girlytwins said...

So funny how things affect our kids and what they remember. I will never be a mom on a bus chaperoning :) I would be the puker.